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  • 4 High Potential Penny Stocks || CLDS | PWEI | PNCH | REDG |

    penny stocks to watch
    Wednesday Mar 27, 2013 at 1:20 pm EST.
    4 Penny Stocks with Huge Potential -  CLDS, PWEI, PNCH, REDG

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    CLDS - Cloud Star Corp. (OTC:CLDS)
    Cloud Star Corp. (OTC:CLDS) say that they have invented a gadget that will protect your computer and will even make your life easier by allowing you to access it from everywhere in the world safely and securely through your mobile phone or tablet. Sounds good if you need that sort of thing. Be careful while trading this stock as this is being pumped by paid pumpers a lot these days.

    PACWEST EQUITIES Inc. (PINK:PWEI) has successfully acquired solar technology assets from DayStar Technologies, Inc. – a company still listed on the NASDAQ. This deal was the stuff of promotions for PWEI as early as mid-February, when a large number of promoters who received relatively small compensations touted the company. But this can dip by larger % suddenly when the pumpers start selling there shares so be careful.

    PNCH- Ic Punch Media Inc. (PINK:PNCH)
    Ic Punch Media Inc. (PINK:PNCH) - No major press release and no major paid pumping activity found but the stock still is showing high ups and downs recently. According to a company’s press release, shareholders are extremely interested and required a larger venue to accommodate the company’s first annual meeting. The meeting will happen on Sunday, April 14th.

    REDG- Red Giant Entertainment Inc. (PINK:REDG)
    Red Giant Entertainment Inc. (PINK:REDG) has announced that the first issue of its teen superhero comic book SUPERNOVAS will today be offered as a “Digital First” free download on comiXology`s Comics app, the #3 top-grossing iPad app of last year.

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    Disclosure: Penny stocks are highly risky. The above article is for information purpose only. The author does not own any stocks mentioned in the article.


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