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  • Big Caps Today - Ford Motor Company, Citigroup Inc., Bank of America corp., Bank of Ireland

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    Tuesday Nov. 30, 2010 at 08:21 am EST
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    Shares of Citigroup Inc.(NYSE:C) are still sluggish in spite of the instability in Europe. Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) shares closed at $4.15 on Monday at support level of $4.12. The resistance levels above are $4.25 & $4.47. The support levels below are at $3.95, $3.83 and $3.7.

    Shares of Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) closed at $11.31 on Monday showing no major affect of Irish crisis.  The resistance levels above for Bank of  America Corp. (BAC) are $11.82, $12.46, $13.3 and $13.68. Again there are yet no major support levels for BAC below this price though there is a week support at $10.2.

    Shares of Ford Motor corp. (NYSE:F) are trading near their 52 wk high. Ford motor shares closed at $16.06 on Monday. Resistance level above is at $16.67 which will represent 3.8% gain. Support points below this level are at $14.31, $13.63, $13.12 and $12.45. Ford is expecting good sales this season. Ford also announced to open 69 new dealerships in China which is a good sign of growth.
    Shares of Bank of Ireland(NYSE:IRE) are down almost 10% in premarket today while they gained more than 27% on Monday following EU's announcement of the bailout package. Analysts are expecting Bank of Ireland to stay volatile for a long time. IRE Shares closed at $1.83 on Monday. Resistance points above are at $2.23, $3.12, $3.57, $3.86, $4.3 and $4.97. You can recall what happened to Big US Banks during recession. Expect Bank of Ireland (IRE) to swing up and down.
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