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  • Market Share of Microsoft Corporation's (MSFT) Internet Explorer Drops below 50%

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    Wednesday Oct. 6, 2010 at 08:23 am EST
    Market Share for Microsoft's IE Drops Below 50%
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    StatCounter, a research firm announced on Tuesday that the global market share of Microsoft Internet Explorer fell below 50% in September. At the end of September, IE's share dropped to 49.87%. IE dominated the market with around 67% share before two years. Aodhan Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter said, "This is certainly a milestone in the Internet browser wars." According to StatCounter Google Chrome is the rising star, which has raised its share from 3.69% in September 2009 to 11.54 in September 2010, which is around three-fold increase. U.S. Mozilla Firefox holds the second largest market with around 31.5% share.

    European Commission competition authorities require Microsoft to provide users with a menu of browsers. This strict requirement in Europe has contributed to the decline in IE's share which fell down to 40.26% in September from 46.44% last year, reported StatCounter. In North America, IE is still sharing about 52.3%, followed by Firefox - 27.21% and Google Chrome- 9.87%.StatCounter has generated this report from the data collected for around 15 billion page views/month for more than 3 million websites in its network.

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