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  • Stocks to Watch Tuesday | DGIT | CHBT | PAR | GENZ |

    Tuesday Aug 31, 2010, 07:51 am EST
    Stocks to Watch on Tuesday 08/31/2010 -  DGIT, CHBT, PAR, GENZ
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    Hot Stocks to Watch Tuesday 08/31/2010  are
    PAR- 3PAR Inc.
    DGIT- DG FastChannel Inc.
    CHBT- China-Biotics Inc.
    GENZ- Genzyme Corporation

    PAR - 3PAR Inc. (NYSE:PAR)
    Dell is expected to step out of a bidding war with Hewlett-Packard (HPQ0 for data storage company 3PAR Inc. (PAR) because of the increased price tag. A survey of eight technology investors and analysts by Reuters on Monday found that most analyst expect Dell will not bid higher for 3PAR. Dell has until Wednesday to match HP's $2 billion offer for the company. HP seems to be in good shape for the deal as it has almost double the revenues than DELL.
    DGIT -DG FastChannel Inc.(NASDAQ:DGIT)
    Digital media firm DG FastChannel Inc. (DGIT) announced that the company announced a 30 million dollar stock repurchase program which is a good news but they also forecast weaker-than-expected revenue for the third quarter, citing seasonality and short-term pressures from the company's transition from a wholesale to a full service business model. Shares of DG FastChannel Inc. plunged more than 38%. A recovery is expected on Tuesday.

    CHBT - China-Biotics Inc.(NASDAQ:CHBT)
    I saw this highly negative article on CHBT. If we believe this, CHBT has been pumped a lot. Market cap of 269 million sounds like a Joke. The article says "It would be easy to look at the gross discrepancies between the company’s SAIC and SEC filings. It would also be possible to show pictures of the half-finished over-budget manufacturing facility side-by-side with company claims that it was already in production, or the photos of their current production facilities the size of a “bathroom” where the acidophilus pills drop out of a machine two by two."

    GENZ- Genzyme Corporation (NASDAQ:GENZ)

    Genzyme Corporation (GENZ)rejected an $18.5 billion (11.9 billion pound) buyout offer from French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis SA on Monday, setting the stage for a protracted and potentially hostile takeover battle. Genzyme Chief Executive Henri Termeer told Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher in a letter that his proposal of $69 a share which was made public a day earlier dramatically undervalues the Company and did not justify moving forward to talks. Tuesday will be interesting for both GENZ and PAR.


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