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  • Hot Stocks to Watch on Tuesday - 08/17/2010 - MNDP, STRA, COCO, AMFE

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    Tuesday Aug 17, 2010, 00:55 am EST
    Stocks to Watch on Tuesday 08/17/2010 -  COCO, MNDP, STRA, AMFE
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    Hot Stocks to Watch Tuesday 08/17/2010  are
    COCO- Corinthian Colleges Inc.
    MNDP- Mundus Group Inc.
    STRA- Strayer Education Inc.
    AMFE- Amfil Technologies Inc.

    COCO - Corinthian Colleges Inc.(NASDAQ:COCO)
    Corinthian Colleges Inc. (NASDAQ:COCO) shares plunged 21% on Monday on a government report about framing new rules for providing student loans. ov't report detailing loan repayment rates. The Education Dept. has proposed cutting off federal student loans if students are not getting jobs paying enough to repay. COCO will fall under such schools and students might not be able o get loans to study in Corinthian. There are chances of dropping more on further explanation or a correction in case further details prove that Corinthian will not be affected much.
    MNDP- Mundus Group Inc.(PINK:MNDP)
    Mundus Group, Inc. Announces That U.S. Border Patrol Expressed Urgent Interest in AirStar Industrial Drone UAVs to Assist in Seeing Underground Tunnels Near and Around the San Diego U.S. Border. This again looks like a scam or in other words pumping with misleading PR's. I would like to add a caution in trading such stocks.

    STRA - Strayer Education Inc. (NASDAQ:STRA)
    Federal officials said that they are crafting a new rule which will improve the education system and will also ensure that students of post-secondary educational institutions like the Kaplan Education and Strayer University are able to find jobs and are not overburdened with debt. duw to high school fees. The rule can impose a minimum required debt repayment rates for a school’s students, and maximum debt loads for school programs to remain eligible for federal funding. Schools like Strayer are at risk of loosing revenues due to this.

    AMFE - Amfil Technologies Inc.(PINK:AMFE)

    AMFIL Technologies, Inc. (PINK:AMFE), integrator of ozone-based cleaning and antimicrobial systems for the food and beverage industry, announced on Monday that they are in discussions with the government of Nantong, China to build a manufacturing plant and distribute their non-chemical based mPact ozone systems to the Asia-Pacific market.This is a good news for a penny stock like this. Tuesday should be a good day if the news is legitimate

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  1. brembo says:

    HAUP and ONSM have been (and should continue to be) profitable for me. I'd say they're pretty popular today =)

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