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  • Stocks to Buy Thursday | 06/17/2010 | FRE | CRIS | JDAS | NOK | AAPL

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    Thursday June 17th, 2010 at 01:55 am EST

    Hot Stocks for Thursday 06/17/2010  

    Dear Traders,

    Stocks to Watch Today
    FRE- Freddie Mac
    CRIS- Curis, Inc.
    JDAS- JDA Software Group, Inc.
    NOK- Nokia Corporation (ADR)
    AAPL- Apple Inc.

    FRE -  Freddie mac and Fannie Mae are both trading on NYSE without complying to the minimum stock price criteria to be listed on NYSE. They will continue trading in OTC pink sheets with a new ticker symbol. This is a god buying opportunity. Almost all other stocks which got delisted from NYSE drop heavily on the news but they usually gain tremendously in the first week of their trade in OTC. Wait for few more days to get in at low low. This is high risk high reward trade. Do proper research before investing.
    Fannie and Freddie to delist shares
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are set to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, paving the way for a broad overhaul of the large government-controlled US mortgage finance companies that have been hit by souring home loans. The companies, placed under government control in 2008 and 80 per cent owned by US taxpayers, said on Wednesday they would be delisted for failing to meet minimum price guidelines.
    Source : Financial Times

    CRIS- Curis lost almost 50% of its value on disapointing results in clinical trials. Curis though is hopeful to get good results for same molecule for other types of cancers. This is a good buying opportunity. Holding for a month can give a good profit.
    Curis Announces Genentech's Phase II Clinical Trial Results of GDC-0449 in Combination with Avastin(R) and Chemotherapy in First-Line Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
    Roche has informed Curis that the trial did not meet its primary endpoint of extending the time from randomization to disease progression or death in study patients who received GDC-0449 in addition to the current standard of care of bevacizumab and chemotherapy when compared to those patients that received only the current standard of care treatment.
    Source : MarketWatch 

    JDAS- $246 million in damages while the software was just $8 million. JDA Software is determined to appeal against the decision as the decision is not fair according to them. Dillard's was using the software for many years before filing lawsuit and is still using it. $246 million is an extremely high settlement for the case. I will be following this continously. Its a good entry point right now as this can either go up or stay there. 
    Dillard's wins $246 million in damages vs. JDA, i2
    JDA Software on Wednesday announced the jury verdict in a Texas district court. According to JDA, Dillard’s alleged that i2 had failed to meet obligations for two products that were licensed. Dillard’s paid $8 million for the software.
    Source : ZDnet 

    NOK- Nokia is expecting lower revenues for 2010 chiefly because of high competition and Euro concerns. Nokia has not been successful enough in the Smartphone Market. It is also facing haeavy competition from LG and samsung in International Market. Nokia is reporting earnings on July 22.  Weak Euro is also a problem for Nokia asTIC is under high pressure and there are high expectaitons from this company. If the company is just able to sustain till it gets approval, the stock price will hit all time high. Do your research on this company and ump in at low price right now. This will be heading higher from here. Nokia desperately needs to release Symbian 3 to be able to compete Apple Inc. (AAPL) and RIM Smartphones.  
    Nokia cuts outlook, cites competition, Euro, pricing
    Nokia cut its second quarter and 2010 outlook due to “multiple factors” including fierce competition and higher costs. Nokia said its device sales will be at the lower end of its range.
    Source : ZDnet 

    AAPL- TIC Apple Inc. (AAPL) reported their iPhone 4 sales broke all previous records. The sales on the  first day were 10 times the first day sales of iPhone 3GS an year ago. Apple Inc. (AAPL) doesn't seems to slow down yet. They also launched New Mac mini for $699. After crossing Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) in Market Cap, Apple is continuosly trending higher. They had not expected such a huge number of first day sales and they are out of stock for now. With more than expected sales this yar, AAPL stock will contunue its trend upward.  
    Apple, AT&T Cite Record iPhone Sales
    Apple Inc. said it took advance orders for more than 600,000 new iPhones world-wide on the first day the device became available, a flood of demand that caused difficulty processing orders at U.S. carrier AT&T Inc.
    Source : WSJ 

    Work smart Today to enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.



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