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  • Stock Report | Tuesday | 06/22/2010 | ULU | AFFY | ETRM | WAG | FRE | RNN |

    Tuesday June 22nd, 2010 at 13:43 EST

    Hot stocks

    Stock Report 06/22/2010

    Hello All,

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    Lets have a look at Top stocks today.

    ULU - Uluru Inc.
    Shares of Uluru, Inc. soared after Heavy promotions started for the company this morning on volumes more than 10 times the average volumes. ULURU Inc. (ULURU) is a diversified specialty pharmaceutical company. The Company is focused in the developing and commercializing a range of wound care and muco-adhesive film products based on its Nanoflex and OraDisc drug delivery technologies.

    AFFY - Affymax Inc.
    Shares of Affymax are stable on Tuesday after dropping 68% on  Monday. Affymax shares are expected to gain when the drug moves forward for NDA application. At this rate, AFFY is a cheap Buy.

    ETRM - EnteroMedics Inc.
    EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ:ETRM) shares soared 80% to $0.54 after The medical-devices company announced Tuesday that its anti-obesity device Maestro System meets all of its safety goals, with no therapy-related serious adverse eventsfound across all study populations.

    WAG - Walgreen Company
    Walgreen announced reports for Quarter ending on May 31, 2010. Sales are weak and expenses are too high. That resulted in lower profit slumping the shares down 6%. Higher competition and  lower on cash due to Duane Reade acquisition dragged Walgreen down.

    FRE - Freddie Mac
    Freddie mac is up 7% on moderate volumes indicating some life in the stock after heavy drop last week on announcement on getting delisted from NYSE. FRE can be a good investment for short time as it may soar after it starts trading on OTC pink sheets.

    RNN - Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc. gained 25% Tuesday on heavy Volume. No News yet to justify the upward movement.


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