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  • Hot Stocks to Watch | Friday | 05/14/2010 | XOMA | JEDM | SILA | MBLX | AGEN |

    Friday May 14th, 2010 at 00:07 am EST

    Hot Stocks for Friday 05/14/2010  XOMA, JEDM, SILA, MBLX, AGEN, 
    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Friday 05/14/2010  are
    XOMA - XOMA Limited.
    JEDM - Jedi Mind Inc.
    SILA - Silver America Inc.
    AGEN - Antigenics Inc.
    MBLX - Matabolix Inc.

    XOMA - Not much affect was seen on the stock price on Thursday.  A paper publication indicating positive results of the clinical drugs is usually a great news for a Pharmaceutical company. XOMA has seen many sudden spikes in the past. keep an eye on Friday.
    Abstract Published on Initial Results From XOMA 052 Clinical Trial in Behcet's Disease 
    XOMA Ltd. (XOMA), a leader in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, announced the publication of an abstract titled, "Safe, Rapid-onset and Sustained Biological Activity of IL-1 beta Regulating Antibody XOMA 052 in Resistant Uveitis of Behcet's Disease: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Trial."
    Source : Link for the abstract

    JEDM- As I predicted, it went up 36% on Thursday. There are chances of this going down a bit on Friday for profit selling but it can still see some gains later Friday or next week.
    Jedi Mind, Inc. Prepares Patent on Thought-Controlled Application
    Jedi Mind, Inc. (JEDM) announced today that The Company has prepared a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark office, for the breakthrough thought-controlled software application, "Jedi Mouse." The application allows the user to navigate the computer, click and double click to open programs, compose email and send with the power of their mind. The application can be used by anyone, but is especially beneficial to people with disabilities that have problems with communicating. For the first time in their life, many disabled people will be able to operate a computer and communicate via email.
    Source : PRNewsWire 

    SILA -  We discussed yesterday about different description about the main business of the company on different websites. This looks like the main reason why so much publicity didn't worked for SILA while the same kind of publicity worked for JEDM. Keep this in your watchlist.
    Silver America, Inc. Secures $7.5 Million Equity Financing Agreement
    Silver America, Inc. (OTCBB: SILA) ("Silver America" and/or "the Company") is pleased to announce it has entered a 2-year, $7.5 million equity financing agreement with ZUG Financing Group S.A., a European institutional investment group that specializes in backing precious metals and mining ventures.
    Source : MarketWire

    Work smart Today to enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


  1. thanks for the heads up!

  1. thanks for the heads up!

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