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    Hot stocks
    Wednesday April 07, 2010, 8:39 am EST
    Hot Stocks for Wednesday 04/07/2010 - NNVC, HLXW, GETA, ARTS, EKWX, TIV

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Wednesday 04/07/2010  are
    NNVC - Nanoviricides Inc.
    HLXW - Helix Wind Corp.
    GETA - Genta Incorporated.
    ARTS - Artfest International Inc.
    EKWX - Ekwan-X Inc.
    TIV - Tri-Valley Corporation

    NNVC - There is some fresh rise in trading volume for NNVC stocks. There is no recent news release by the company. Traders are speculating that the sudden rise in volume can be a result of a leaked news which is about to come. According to last Balance sheet, company has no revenues but has strong capital. Company has $4 million in cash and has Short term debt at $1.2 million. NNVC issues $3 million worth of stock every quarter to keep their cash flow intact. Keep watching this one for some great news or rumors.
    Nanoviricides Shares Breakout Higher
    Nanoviricides Inc. (NNVC, Free Analysis), which develops nano-pharmaceutical antiviral therapeutics, moved sharply higher late during today’s session after a bullish mention in a popular newsletter.
    Source : SumFolio 

    HLXW - Helix Wind recently got Financing of $1 million which will be used for growth of the company. The stock already gained 61% on tuesday. Do proper research if you want to play it on wednesday. More 35-40% in green is expected after initial profit selling.
    Helix Wind closes financing round
    Helix Wind Corp. (OTC: HLXW) has closed a $999,500 round of financing with St. George Investments LLC. The funding will allow the company to complete and execute on the first phase of its strategic plan, which is to complete the audit, file a 10-K and registration statement while taking care of its customer base.
    Source : Sandiego Source 

    GETA - Positive News from the FDA. Their drug for Gastric cancer got 'Fast Track' designaiton which means the review prodecure for the Drug will be faster than the others. But this is not all. They need to find out partner for developing the drug rapidly and need to find some investors in the program. Good gains expected.
    Genta Incorporated's Tesetaxel Granted Fast Track Designation By FDA For Advanced Gastric Cancer
    Genta Incorporated announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the Company`s request for Fast Track designation of tesetaxel for treatment of patients with advanced gastric cancer. Tesetaxel, a late Phase 2 oncology product, is the oral taxane currently in clinical development.
    Source : Reuters   

    ARTS - They partnered with Time Warner Cable which will give them tremendous reach to the viewers. This is a strategic decision and excellent benefits are on the way for Artfest International. Do your research on this segment of the industry. Look out for companies with similar business profile and learn about their financials.
    Artfest International, Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement With Second Largest Cable Operator in the Country
    Artfest International, Inc. (OTCBB: ARTS) is pleased to announce that Time Warner Cable will be the distribution outlet of Artfest International's "Artfest Direct" program to 550,000 Time Warner Cable customers. Artfest has an "On-Demand" distribution agreement with Time Warner, Inc., the second largest cable operator in the country, which will give Artfest International its base for the development of the Art Channel "On-Demand" program.
    Source : CNNMoney

    LYJN - Check out the Latest Research article on LYJN. It is not worth wasting your hard earned money. You can just gain some profit by doing some day trading.

    Work smart Today to enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


  1. MISTAKE!! Tri-Valley Corp. ticker is "TIV".

    Enormous potential here with huge reserves of oil and natural gas. Quality of gold on Alaska leases is phenomenal. TIV has made the first steps towards securing trust of potential big time investors. Don't miss the run up!! At $1.40 this is a steal!!

  1. Wonderful! Many thanks for keeping us up to date. Much appreciate.

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