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  • Stocks to Watch Thursday | UAUA | LCC | SIRI | SGCA | LEHMQ | THRR | LYJN

    Hot stocks
    Thursday April 08, 2010, 8:51 am EST

    Hot Stocks for Thursday 04/08/2010 - UAUA, LCC, SIRI, SGCA, LEHMQ, THRR, LYJN

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Thursday 04/08/2010  are
    UAUA - UAL Corporation
    LCC - US Airways Group Inc.
    SIRI - Sirius XM Radio Inc.
    SGCA - Strategic American Oil Corporation
    LEHMQ - Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

    SIRI - SIRIUS XM Radio and MSNBC today announced that beginning April 12, SIRIUS XM will carry MSNBC, offering millions of subscribers across the country access to the channel's world-class reporting, full schedule of live news coverage, political analysis and award-winning documentary programming. SIRI is growing good. Good long-term investment.
    Sirius XM Radio to carry cable channel MSNBC
    Source : Yahoo Finance 

    LCC & UAUA - If you haven't heard about this news, you are not following the Market seriously. This is the most discussed news after Wednesday market close. If the deal goes through, it will be a win-win situation for both the companies. And regardless of what will be the result, the stock price of both will rise tomorrow.
    United is in Talks About a Merger With US Airways
    United Airlines and US Airways are in merger talks that, if successful, would create the nation’s second-biggest airline. It is the third time in a decade that they have tried to make a deal.
    Source : NewYork Times 

    SGCA - SGCA has a 52 week high of $0.70. It gained 22% on Wednesday and is at $0.38. Recent drilling contract is a beginning. This will continue its upward trend till it reaches its 52 week high values. Once oil companies start producing, they are profitable at least for some years.
    Strategic American Oil Corporation's (SCGA) South Texas Koliba Prospect Drilling Contract Executed
    Strategic American Oil Corporation (SGCA) is pleased to announce that the drilling contract for the Company's Victoria Co., Texas "Koliba" Prospect has been executed with expectations to commence drilling operations this month, depending on favorable weather conditions and rig availability.
    Source : Globe NewsWire   

    LEHMQ - Barclays bought Lehman's brokerage business for jst $1.85 billions. As you can feel that the decision was made hastily, there isn't much which can be done now. Trustee responsible for liquidation of Lehman is now demanding back assets worth $6.7 billion form Barclays which were wrongfully transferred to Barclays. Well if Lehman get those dollars back, stock's gonna shoot. If not, then who knows. Do proper Research on this. Your stock analysis is welcomed as Comments to the post.
    Barclays Seeks Lehman Assets Despite Trustee Disputes
    Barclays has asked a court to let it keep billions of dollars in Lehman Brothers Holdings assets, even though the trustee of the bankrupt investment bank says the remaining Lehman customers should probably get them, Reuters reported.
    Source : NewYork Times

    LYJN - Check out the Latest Research article on LYJN. It is not worth wasting your hard earned money. You can just gain some profit by doing some day trading.

    THRR - Check out the Latest Research article on THRR. The only reason why this stock rises is  paid publicity.

    Work smart Today to enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


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