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    Tuesday April 06, 2010, 6:03 pm EST
    Stock Report for Tuesday 04/06/2010 -  ARTS, PURE, GETA, SOLU, EKWX, TIV, CPBY

    Hello All,

    Lets have a look at the popular stocks.
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    ARTS - Artfest International Inc.
    Artfest signed a contract with Time Warner Cable which will distribute its 'Atfest Direct' program to thousands of Time Warner customers. This will provide ARTS its base for the growth of the 'On demand' art channel program.                                     
    PURE - Pure BioScience
    Environmental Protection Agency has cleared its silver-based disinfectant for use in food-packaging and processing settings. the stock went up 25% which is much more than what it should be for a disinfectant. I expect a correction tomorrow.

    GETA - Genta Incorporated.
    FDA has granted the Company’s request for “Fast Track” designation of tesetaxel for treatment of patients with advanced gastric cancer. But remember its not a approval of drug. Its just a promise to review it on a relatively rapid pace.

    SOLU - Solutions Group Inc.
    They came up with a novel Idea of fixing the problem of Toyota acceleration problem. I had predicted yesterday that this is not approved by Toyota so is not recommended. The price loss today was after the realization that this thing will never be widely accepted in the Market.

    EKWX - Ekwan-X Inc.
    Most mysterious stock. Absolutely no idea why it went up 800% in just 2 days. No website, no news, no employees and no contact information. 

    TVI- Tri-Valley Corporation
    TVI sold Shares worth $5.0 million at $1.30 per share to some 'Investor' and so the stock price fell 38% to $1.30. So they ended up collecting 5 millions for further projects which can be helpful in future. 

    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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    Imaging3 Inc. (IMGG.OB)


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