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    Tuesday April 13, 2010, 6:03 pm EST

    Stock Report Today

    Hello All,

    Lets have a look at the popular stocks.
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    AGEN - Antigenics Inc.
    Antigenics Inc. gained 36% tuesday while inttraday gain was more than 70%. This is expected to continue the gains till the drug approval news comes.

    AEZS - Aeterna Zentaris Inc.
    Aeterna shares gained 16% today on high volume on reports of good results in its cancer drug development. More uptrend is seen in the upcoming weeks.

    ABK - Ambac Financial Group Inc.
    Ambac Financial group Inc. lost heavily on Tuesday after gaining more than 50% initially. Some article by JPMorgan Chase and Co. equity analysts reported Ambac shares to have 'NoValue'. Ambac may file for Bankruptcy protection as it lacks sufficient funds to carry on business past second quarter in 2011. But Ambac shares may still be cheap attractive for some high risk investors.

    CPRX - Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc.
    Touching a high of $2.65 CPRX closed Flat at $1.92. Not much is expected from CPRX this week.

    MIPI - Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    After Opening with a massive gain at $4.18, Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals inc. closed up 128% at $3.43. More gains are expected from this stock in the coming days. 

    GOIG- GOIP Global Inc.
    GOIG has more than doubled in last two sessions. All credit goes to the stock promotion and GOIG CEO's speech. The stock is being promoted by various digital media promoters over last week which has resulted in driving volume for the stocks. It is risky to invest in such a company. Think 100 times before investing in GOIG. Don't hold overnight. 

    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


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