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  • Stock Analysis | Lyric Jeans Inc | LYJN | (LYJN.PK)

    April 3, 2010

    Stock Chart for LYJN

    Stock Analysis 
    Lyric Jeans Inc. (LYJN.PK)

    It was March 18th when the stock of Lyric Jeans started climbing the peak.  From being at $0.002-$0.003 for months, it went up to $0.024 which is around 600% profit. But this was not all. It went further up to $0.16-$0.17 on March 24th. This was the height of success obtained by spammers and pumpers.

    But what are the facts and figures about this company. Last Financial report of this company is a 5 year old interim report which suggests company is not doing SEC filings. Only news we heard were about entering jewelery industry and selling product in more stores.

    The campaign that worked best for LYJN was spamming with emails titled 'Exploding stock:a must must buy', 'Must read Inside - A true GEM ready to soar'. Well this should be an eye opener for all investors. If you get such emails, check for their disclaimer and they will tell you that they got paid for doing this. The best thing you can do being aware of the fact that it is being pumped is to buy at very low and be ready to hit the trigger as soon as you get enough profit the same day. Just imagine if you had bought it at 15 cents on 24th March to gain some quick money, you would have  lost 75% of your investment till now.

    Keep LYJN in your Watchlist. Look for more Stock reports and check all available links to find out more about this company.  I will keep you guys updated about latest happenings with LYJN.

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