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  • Popular Stocks on the Weekend | CPKI | ABK | AAPL | ADBE

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    Sunday April 11, 2010, 00:06 am EST

    Popular Stocks on weekend are - ABK, ADBE, AAPL, CPKI

    Hello All,

    Lets see what's Hot this weekend.
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    ABK - Ambac Financial Group Inc.
    Ambac gained 71% after profit reporting on Friday. Don't forget ABK was priced at more than $60/share before the recession. I  This will rise consistently with good results. ABK can reach up to $ 3/shr or even more this year. Do your research on all relevant news and reports you find about Ambac.

    AAPL - Apple Inc.
    ADBE - Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Apple has changed terms of conditions for app developers. According to the new rules, Apps cannot be developed in Adobe Flash. One of the Adobe Employee wrote in his blog ' Go Screw Yourself Apple'. This shows how much the decision of Apple to exclude Adobe Flash from being used in apps will affect Adobe. There has been always some tension between the two companies. Apple doesn't wants to include Flash in iPads as a consequence of which you can't play Facebook videos and many other videos on iPhones and iPads. This Battle will create more interesting stories. Search for it and you will find more information.

    CPKI - California Pizza kitchen Inc.
    According to sources, California Pizza Kitchen is for sale. Its a  great company and I am having no doubts that it can get potential buyer. Keep an eye on this one. It can be a great profit without any hard work.

    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

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