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  • ELCR - Electric Car Company Inc. | Congratulations to all Subscribers for 200% Gains |

    April 1, 2010

    Hello Traders,

    I want to congratulate all of you who were able to take benefit of Thursday morning's alert on ELCR. ELCR opened at $0.004 in the morning and closed at $0.011 with around 200% of profits in just one day with enough time in the morning to jump in at low.

    Keep looking for Hot picks everyday to gain in the Stock Market. Stock picks on this website are for information purpose. This should help you to shortlist the stocks you want to consider for buying on a trading day. I had given 4 picks on Thursday out of which 3 remained flat and Electric Car Company Inc. (ELCR) gained 200%. Our aim is always to suggest picks which will gain tremendously or will remain flat. We hate going in deep red.

    Sign up for daily alerts if you haven't done it yet.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


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