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  • Stocks to Watch Wednesday | 17th March 2010 | FUQI | THRR | IMDS | DSW | BTIM | AAPL

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    Wednesday March 17, 2010, 12:12 am EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch For Wednesday 03/17/2010 - FUQI, THRR, IMDS, AAPL, DSW, BTIM

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Wednesday 03/17/2010  are
    THRR - Thresher Industries Inc.
    IMDS - Imaging Diagnostic systems Inc.
    BTIM - Biotime Inc.
    FUQI - Fuqi International Inc.

    FUQI - Chances of Fraud. Earnings estimated earlier were $0.15-$0.19 per share more than the current expected earnings and that too when nothing major has happened which can cause this. Chances of heavy sell-off. Our Strategy !! Visit all related websites, look for more resources and jump in at very low point to earn during correction. Don't forget that the company in reality has a bad news so the correction will be small.
    Fuqi results to be below estimates
    Fuqi (FUQI), a Chinese jeweler, cut its Q4 EPS target to 24-28 cents, below views, and lowered its Q4 sales target to $175 mil-$180 mil, below views. Q4 results will be delayed. Shares slid.
    Source : Investors

    BTIM - Research study - confirmation of the principle being useful - may be used in humans in long run after intense research. Company can be a Blockbuster in long time so people filling up. This is going to be flat after few days but good scope for this week atleast. Don't hold long as it can be really a long wait.
    BioTime Gains Following New Regenerative-Medicine Research
    BioTime Inc. (BTIM) shares hit an eight-year high Tuesday after the biotechnology company, along with several collaborators, released early-stage research that appears to strengthen the case for an emerging field in regenerative medicine.
    The key benefit of that field, called induced pluripotent stem-cell technology, is that it can potentially provide the benefits of human embryonic stem cells without the use of human embryos.
    Source : WallstreetJournal

    THRR - A perfect Example of Pumping a stock but with some news. Read the article i provided you below. You will find that the article itself is appealing people to buy this stock for no good reason. The only good reason they have to say to the investors is that this stock is their featured and every year their featured stock rises 131%. Well they want to say in a covered language that featured stocks(i.e stocks which pay them to pump) are being pumped right now and have not reached peak yet. THRR went up 300 % for no proper reason today and is expected t climb again. It is highly risky and I would suggest to be highly careful and Please do not hold this stock overnight. Just do Day-trade with this. Good Luck. Do leave comments about your successful trades.
    Pinnacle Digest: Thresher Industries' Board Of Directors Approves Sale Of Company
    www.PinnacleDigest.com is a performance-driven online financial magazine and investment group with a proven track record. After yesterday's news from Thresher Industries (Pink Sheets: THRR ) announcing that the proposed offer to sell the company was approved, our team is inviting all shareholders to their exclusive investor controlled forum.
    Source : TradingMarkets

    We are here to make Money and we will succeed.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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