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  • Stocks to Watch Tuesday | 03/30/2010 | GBTO | CNLG | SERV | VZ |

    Tuesday March 30, 2010, 1:29 am EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch For 
    Tuesday 03/30/2010 

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Tuesday 03/30/2010 
    GBTO - Globotek Holdings Inc.
    CNLG - Conolog Corporation.
    SERV - Servidyne Inc.
    VZ - SunLink Health Systems Inc. 

    GBTO - 99% up on Monday. Expected run on Tuesday but not as much as on Monday. Also be cautious as their are lots of pumpers associated with it so sell them before its too late.
    (GBTO) Globotek Endorsed by Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources
    JSC Globotek (GBTO) announced today that Globotek's technology has received strong support and mention on the Russian government's Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Ecology & Natural Resources official websites and monthly publication.
    Source : MarketWatch  

    CNLG - Read the news. It has applied for patent which gives an added advantage to the company. If the product is good, it will create good revenues while patent will make sure no one else just copies and start making it giving them competition.
    Conolog Announced Today That It Has Filed a Patent Application for Its “GlowWorm” Fiber Optic Detector
    Conolog Corporation (NASDAQ: CNLG), an engineering and design company that provides digital signal processing solutions to global electric utilities, announced today that it has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its “GlowWorm” fiber optic detector.
    Source : BusinessWire

    SERV - A very big project for Servidyne. $8.7 million revenue expected. Its stock price is still cheap after Monday's rise. There should be some corretion in the beginning on Tuesday but it is expected to be at least $6 before it gets stabilized.
    Servidyne, Inc. Announces Energy Savings Contract
    Servidyne, Inc. announced that it has entered into a contract with a U.S. retailer to improve the energy efficiency of approximately 600 of its stores and distribution centers. The agreement has an estimated total revenue value of $8.7 million for project work that should begin almost immediately and be completed over the next 12-24 months
    Source : Reuters 

    VZ - The wait of Verizon users to be able to get iPhone on their network seems to end in near future. AAPL is supposedly developing iPhone for CDMA carrier Verizon wireless. Verizon is considered to have a better network than AT&T. Stock price of VZ will definitely show an effect of this news. It is a good buy to hold. 
    Apple Inc. is working on new versions of its popular iPhone for a launch this summer, and one could be compatible for service with Verizon Wireless, according to a report Monday afternoon by The Wall Street Journal.
    Citing unnamed sources "briefed on the matter," the Journal reported that Apple (AAPL) is developing a CDMA version of the iPhone. CDMA is a wireless technology used in the United States by wireless carriers Verizon and Sprint Nextel Corp.
    Source : MarketWatch

    Your comments and concerns are welcomed.
    Do leave  comment about what you think of today's hot picks.
    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

    Other Popular Stocks  for Tuesday 

    Fonar Corp. (FONR)
    Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. (OXBT)
    MDRNA, Inc. (MRNA)
    Avanir Pharmaceuticals (AVNR)
    Oxford Industries Inc. (OXM)
    Mobile Data Corp. (MBYL.OB)
    Bell Microproducts Inc. (BELM)
    Kid Brands, Inc. (KID)
    Global Resource Corp. (GBRC.PK)
    Everock, Inc. (EVRN.PK)
    CruiseCam International Inc. (CCMC.PK)
    Thresher Industries, Inc. (THRR.PK)
    International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO.OB)
    World Heart Corp. (WHRT)
    EMC Corporation (EMC)
    Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AEN)
    China Yuchai International Limited (CYD)
    Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)
    Skyworks Solutions Inc. (SWKS)


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