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  • Stocks to Watch Thursday | 03/25/2010 | SLXP | SCLN | CCTC | RDCM | SSY | LYJN | CYCA

    Wednesday March 24, 2010, 11:49 pm EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch For 
    Thursday 03/25/2010 

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Thursday 03/25/2010  are
    SXLP - Salix Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    SCLN - SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc.
    CCTC - Clean Coal Techs Inc.
    SSY - SunLink Health Systems Inc. 
    RDCM - RADCOM Ltd.
    CYCA - Cytta Corp.
    LYJN - Lyric Jeans Inc. - Again today this is for caution. Be careful while trading  this one and just don't Hold.

    SXLP and SCLN - FDA Drug approvals. Both are stable companies already having some products in market. Sciclone got approval in EU . It has China and Hongkong rights for the drug, the approval chances for which increased by EU approval. Salix drug Rifaximin approved for Hepatic Encephalopathy. A green run expected for both but not like crazy. 
    20%- 40% profit will be decent. Check out for News.

    CCTC - Interesting business area. Scope for this company to grow is limited but it has exclusive clients. Increasing their business in China and US. A spike in stock price expected due to aggressive growth plans of the company. Buying in Thursday and selling in a week or less to get around 30-40% profit is possible. Do your own Research on this one. Look for all the websites you come across to get information about this.
    President & CEO, Doug Hague was quoted as follows: “We expect to sign our first Technology Licensing Agreement for China in April, in accordance with the MOU signed earlier this year. This will increase our penetration of the China market, without the need for large capital contributions by the Company” “A similar agreement for the United States should not be far behind.”
    Source : Yahoo Finance  

    SSY - Read the Companies statement on the Recent rise in Price. Even the company is not sure why there is so much activity in their stocks. Something's fishy here. This is either a pump or they are trying to cover an insider trading in case they are coming with something big. I would suggest to play tomorrow for quick profit in  a safe way. If you believe there is something big behind this, try your luck.
    SunLink Statement On Recent Market Activity
    SunLink Health Systems, Inc. (NYSE Alternext US: SSY) today stated, while our policy is not to comment on market rumors, analyst commentary, or third party statements, the Company has decided to issue the following statement: Other than the recent passage by Congress of the new healthcare legislation which has now been signed by the President, we are aware of no reason for recent trading activity in our common stock.
    Source : TheStreet  

    RDCM - Great news about new contract. Stock price already spiked Wednesday by 60%. I am expecting more 30% on Thursday. But be assured, the news in this one in genuine so we are not seeing red, it will be green or flat.
    Chinese 3G Operator Chooses RADCOM Ltd. To Monitor Their 3G Data Network
    RADCOM Ltd. announced that a Chinese 3G mobile service provider has chosen RADCOM's Omni-Q Service Assurance solution to monitor their 3G network.
    Source : Reuters

    CYCA - The Only News for this company came  5 days back on 19th of March. There is no apparent reason for the stock to rise 157%.  Although we have seen in the past some companies  gaining a lot due to President or CEO change but not this much. I will update as soon as I get any news on this. Check out the company's website at www.cytta.com.
    Cytta Appoints Exceptional Vice President and Director to Coordinate Medical Project

    Your comments and concerns are welcomed.
    Do leave  comment about what you think of today's hot picks.
    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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