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  • Stocks to Watch Friday | 26th March 2010 | FLPC | JMBA | EVRN |

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    Friday March 26, 2010, 2:29 am EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch  Friday 03/26/2010 - JMBA, FLPC, EVRN

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Friday 03/26/2010  are
    JMBA - Jamba Inc.
    FLPC - First Liberty Power Corp. - Highly pumped starting Friday 3/26/2010
    EVRN - EVEROCK INC. - Caution alert

    JMBA - I am not much excited about today's hot picks as I am missing some really great news today. But JMBA is worth giving a shot. JMBA is Hot stock for Friday because of the rumors going on about its takeover by Starbucks. Well this rumor does makes sense but it is still a rumor. But there must be some reason which gave birth to this rumor. If this thing really happens, this stock can gain at least 30%. Best move will be to buy it on Friday, wait for few more days until the rumor takes it higher or a real deal brings you money. I had given alert about JMBA being a good stock to hold for few months in November 2009 when the price was $1.7 per share.
    Jamba Jumps on Starbucks Takeover Speculation
    Jamba Inc., the owner of the Jamba Juice smoothie chain, gained the most in four months in Nasdaq Stock Market trading on speculation that Starbucks Corp. may want to buy the company.
    Source : Bloomberg

    FLPC - Hot hot on Friday and whole next week. Reason: paid pumping started from Thursday evening for one week. Digital publicity is in most cases successful in taking the stock higher. These pumpers sometimes get cash or stocks for the publicity. Once the stocks go high, the pumpers start selling their own stocks. If you are smart enough, you can make a fortune worth of money from such stocks but it is equally risky. Make a smart move and don't spend more than what you can afford to loose. 

    EVRN - EVRN has a very bad reputation. This company has a long history of paid pumping and each time the stock does goes high after pumping and comes down to pre pumping level once the pumping stops. You might hear a lot positive abut this one but the facts are not that sweet. In most recent Financial reports, EVRN announced company's loss, lack of capital and Zero sales.

    We are here to make Money and we will succeed. Leave comments if you have any suggestions for us.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

    Companies Reporting Earnings 3/26/10

    3Com Corp (COMS)
    Acusphere Inc. (ACUS.PK)
    Ambac Financial Group (ABK)
    Anesiva (ANSV)
    California Coastal communities (CALC)
    Dara biosciences (DARA)
    Fifth Street Finance corp. (FSC)
    First Regional Bancorp (FRGB.PK)
    Gold Reserve (GRZ)
    Horizon Financial (HRZB.PK)
    La Jolla Pharmaceuticals (LJPC.PK)
    Meridian Resource (TMR)
    Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. (MPV.TO)
    North Valley Bancorp. (NOVB)
    Pacific State bancorp. (PSBC)
    Response Genetics Inc. (RGDX)
    Samaritan Pharmaceuticals (SPHC.PK)
    Ulticom (ULCM)
    United Panam Financial (UPFC.PK)


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