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  • Stocks to Watch Friday 03/05/2010 - CTIC [Cell therapeutics] , DANR [Dana Resources]

    Biotech stocks
    Thursday March 4, 2010, 09:03 pm EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch For Friday 03/05/2010 
    CTIC , DANR 

    Dear Traders,

    Hot stocks to watch on Thursday 03/05/2010  are
    CTIC - Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
    DANR - DANA Resources.

    CTIC - CTIC has a promising drug in the queue for getting approved. Such companies usually fluctuate a lot on rumors. It has reached a high of $2.23 on such rumors before. This time there is more probability of CTIC hitting $2. Buy on Friday and sell on high on a good rumor day or approval day.
    Cell Therapeutics Gets New Day in Front of FDA
    Cell Therapeutics has been walking a “tight-wire act” for more than a year, and now we’ll see if the company keeps its balance or crashes to the ground on March 22. That’s the date FDA has now set for a re-scheduled a meeting of cancer drug experts who will recommend whether the Seattle-based company ought to win clearance for pixantrone, its lead drug candidate for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    Source : Xconomy 

    DANR - Capability of rising real High. 52-week high has been $1.40  and was 75 cents just a week before. Chances of getting pumped soon again. I would suggest to buy huge amount and sell it for at least 40 % profit which is coming very soon. There are various websites on the left for more information.

    Dana Resources' Flagship Gold Deposit's In-Situ Value Surges Over $1.25 Billion
    Dana Resources, a US-based precious metals exploration and development company, is pleased to announce that the strong global demand for gold and precious metals is driving a major increase in the value of its proven gold deposits. Dana Resources currently owns and operates seven mining projects located in Peru's most prolific mining regions.
    Source : Marketwatch

    Work Hard today to  be able to enjoy your life Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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