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  • Stock to Watch Monday (03/08/2010) - BGOI

    Oil and Gas company
    Monday March 8, 2010, 1:09 am EST
    Stock to Watch Monday - BGOI
    Hey Friends,

    Hot Stock for Monday, 03/08/2010 is BGOI - Bonanza Oil and Gas Inc.

    This company is being pumped by those so called 'pumping websites'. I just read on one of the website that they have been paid $85,000 to advertise this company from a third party and that the third party may have shares which they may sell and so the price may come down. I did my research on this company and found that the company is in a genuine business and is growing. With the pumpers, the stock price will rise faster than it should and crash again as it happened a month before.

    The stock price right now in around 1 cent is the lowest. The price was upto 6 cents in January end. There are full chances of the price reaching those levels again and come back. This is how we should plan out our trading strategy. Buy it at lows this week and hold till all those websites are done working hard to raise it up and then sell it away. You may earn 4 times your money or even more.

    There is no hurry but still time will fly very fast. So start doing your research from Now. Look for Articles and news related to BGOI. Visit various websites for stock tips to get more and more information. Understand how to predict earnings and their impact on stock price by following stocks on few days before and after their earnings release.

    Bonanza Oil and Gas Reports 50 Percent Increase in Production of the Jackson Well
    Bonanza Oil and Gas, Inc., a Nevada Corporation (OTCBB: BGOI), an independent oil and gas company, is pleased to announce that the production level of the Jackson Well, in the past couple of months, has increased by approximately 50% after performing re-fracturing stimulation of the well.

    The Jackson well is in the Apclark Field, Borden County, Texas, and is operated by Westerly Exploration, Inc. Apclark Field is 5 miles East of the Jo Mill Field and has produced over 54,000,000 barrels of oil.
    Source : MarketWire

    About Bonanza Oil and Gas
    Bonanza Oil and Gas, Inc. (Bonanza) is an independent energy company that is engaged in the exploration, development and production of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. The Company's production activities are located in the United States. The Company’s crude oil and natural gas properties consist of working interests owned by it in various oil and gas wells and leases located in Texas. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had an interest in five gross oil wells.

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