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  • Stock Report | 03/30/2010 | GBTO | SERV | CNLG | VZ | GNVC | ZLC | RIMM |

    Nextel Communications, Inc.
    Tuesday March 30, 2010, 6:55 pm EST

    Stock report For Tuesday
    03/30/2010 - GBTO, SERV, CNLG, VZ, GNVC, ZLC, RIMM

    Hello All,

    There is lot of movement in wireless phone companies because of iPhone for Verizon News. DOW finished at its 18-month high today. Lets see today's top stock movements.
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    VZ - Verizon Communications Inc.
    The stock is up 3% and will continue an uptrend till the deal between Apple  Inc. (AAPL) and VZ becomes Final or gets clarified. This will be a good boost to the earnings of Verizon which is a good buy for holding long term.

    RIMM - Research in Motion Ltd.
    Research In Motion(RIMM) will be reporting  fourth-quarter earnings soon. There will also be some pressure on the stock due to IPhone deal of Verizon. What do you guys think about Blackberry being capable of standing firm in the competition.

    GBTO - Globotek Holdings Inc.
    Extensive pumping was not able to lift this stock on second consecutive day.  Profit selling brought it 20% down.But as it has some good news about the growth of the company. Keep an eye on this the whole week.

    CNLG - Conolog Corporation
    9 % down today. It seems like the stock price will go up but slowly. Also the effect of the patent filing will average in slowly. There was no major news after the patent application. Keep it in your portfolio to watch for next few weeks.

    GNVC - GenVec Inc.
    72% down in a day. The reason is discontinuation of a drug trial for Cancer drug. This means the valuation till Monday was just in hopes of getting the drug approved and the investors have no hopes with this company further. But thats not totally true. This company has some more projects of vaccines including a vaccine for malaria. I can boldly predict a comeback from this low price at least upto $1.25. This is an ultimate opportunity to make money.

    ZLC - Zale Corporation.
    Today Zale was able to get an extension of one month time from Citibank to pay the fine of $6 million. This should give some boost to its stock. 

    SERV - Servidyne Inc.
    I am not worried about this at all. This has a nice contract to keep it high. Today's 14% loss was predicted as profit booking but this will keep giving good results.

    Work Smart Today to Enjoy your Tomorrow.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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