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  • Hot Stocks to Watch Wednesday | 03/10/2010 | HEPI | SSEV

    HEPI and SSEV
    Wednesday March 10, 2010, 1:05 am EST
    Hot Stocks to Watch For Wednesday 03/10/2010 
    HEPI , SSEV 

    Hey Friends,

    Hot stocks to watch on Wednesday 03/10/2010  are
    HEPI - Health Enhancement products Inc.
    SSEV - Systems Evolution.

    HEPI - HEPI is having a good research work backing its product which can be in the market pretty soon with a bang. The Cholesterol regulation is one of the biggest markets in Healthcare Industry which you can predict from Pfizer's Lipitor Sales. This stock is going to soar a lot on this news and will continue as the product sales are going to increase. Good to hold stock in such a company where you can clearly see your stock price rising atleast 500% in less than a month. Look for more and more news about this one on this website. Good Luck Guys.
    Wayne State University Researchers Discover Potentially New Means to Regulate Bad Cholesterol and Raise HDL (Good Cholesterol).
    Researchers at Wayne State University's Department of Nutrition and Food Science believe they've uncovered a unique method to control and regulate cholesterol using biologically active molecules isolated from ProAlgaZyme(TM) ("PAZ") , a proprietary algal infusion produced by Health Enhancement Products, Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona.
    Source : MarketWatch 

    SSEV - First thing you will notice about SSEV by doing some more research on this website is that this stock is being pumped by some of the paid pumpers. The reason I have included it here is that the company came up with good plan at least about the future. The reduction in authorized shares will bring more momentum to the stock. This is kind of that 'Dream Stock' you always want to own which gives you 1000% or 5000 % profit in no time. This is risky and I would suggest to be vary cautious and take this decision after proper research and thoughtful reasoning. High Risk and High high benefit. Good Luck.
    Systems Evolution Announces Company Update
    Systems Evolution, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SSEV) announced today a company update for shareholders. After convening a meeting of the Board of Directors, the following company actions will take place in the immediate future. In a press release dated March 4, 2010, the company stated that a reduction in the authorized shares had been filed with the Idaho Secretary of State decreasing the authorized shares from 10 billion shares to 7.5 billion shares.
    Source : ITNewsline

    We are here to make Money and we will succeed.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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