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  • Hot Stocks For Today - ECOB - Ecoblu products and HIG

    Hot Stocks to watch ECOB
    1st February, 2010
    Hot Stocks For Today  ECOB [ Ecoblu Products ] and HIG [Hartford Financial]

    Hello Traders,

    Hot stock for today is ECOB - Ecoblu Products. Another Hot stock to watch for long term is HIG - Hartford Financials for those who are looking for stable companies to invest long term. ECOB is one of the stock for which we use the term pumped stock but at the same time we are looking for some genuine news and reason for pumping. We want to make sure that if we buy this stock quite early, what are the chances of it getting doubled due to the pumping and more than that what is the surity, it won't get dumped right after you get it.

    ECOB is a comparative small company with market capital of around $37 millions. Most of the times, such companies go unnoticed as far as their stock price goes and comes into limelight when their stock price rises significantly. They have announced the start of new ad campaign which is going to boost the sales as well as the brand image of the company. This one has great potential to explode due to its stable business, new ad campaign, some paid pumpers and some intelligent traders like you who know it is being pumped but they also  know how to take advantage of it.

    Wake up early and keep an eye on it. I would suggest to enter as early as possible. There are less chances of dump. Check out more sources giving any kind of info about this stock. Also look out for atleast 8-10 websites daily for more picks. Find out more news about ECOB and make a wise decision for your future. Also don't forget to browse few of the websites to see who is pumping ECOB and what reason they have for it.

    EcoBlu Products Announces New Ad Campaign
    EcoBlu Products, Inc. (OTCBB:ECOB) announced today it is beginning a new advertising campaign in the industry magazine, LBM Journal. The campaign was featured in the January 2010 issue that has been available to subscribers.

    The engineered wood products market in 2008 in North America was in excess of $3 Billion, creating enormous growth potential for EcoBlu Products. Providing EcoBlu coated EWP to regional and national distribution partners will allow for significant revenue growth due to the unique qualities of EcoBlu’s BLUWOOD™ and FRC (Fire Retardant Coating) technologies.
    Source : CNNMoney 

    About Ecoblu Products
    EcoBlu Products, Inc. (EcoBlu), formerly N8 Concepts, Inc., is a manufacturer of wood products coated with non-toxic chemistry that protects against mold, rot-decay, termites and value-added fire. The Company is engaged in providing a whole home system of value-added fire, mold, wood rot and insect protection of all wood components for homebuilders, remodelers and home owners. The family of EcoBlu products includes dimensional lumber, joists, beams, rim board, sheathing and trim. Wood components and engineered wood products are manufactured and coated in its California and Texas facilities for distribution throughout the United States and for export.

    Work hard so that you don't have to work whole life.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


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