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  • Hot stock to watch - DANR - Dana Resources , ADI - Analog Devices

    17th February, 2010
    Hot Stocks For Today  DANR [ Dana Resources ] and ADI [Analog Devices]
    Hey Friends,

    Hot stock to watch today is DANR - Dana Resources. 
    Stock to watch for long term as well as small one day gain after earnings is ADI - Analog Devices. DANR

    Dana Resources is a precious and base metals exploration company with offices in the United States and Peru. The stock price of this company was around $ 1.30 in April 09 and around $0.88 in August 09. Right now it is just at 6 cents a share which is damn cheap once it starts rising. Dana resources is in talks to acquire several new Silver mines which will boost its earnings and so the stock price. This is really a gold mine for us. Guys, this company can give us profit of 500 % or more in no time.

    Do some analysis on the internet for the genuineness of the company and the news. It seems to be a good company which definitely has good future. Some websites will claim for 5000% gains and all that. Don't believe them blindly. Read what they want to say about it and decide yourself.

    I have given some links to the latest news. Try to find out more news from legitimate sources. 

    Dana Resources in Negotiations to Purchase Producing Silver Mine
    Dana Resources recently announced its intentions to acquire silver producing opportunities in Peru. The Company has identified a silver producing asset with initial projected revenues of approximately $10 million per annum without any additional capital requirements. With additional capital investments, the project could increase production by up to 300% of current levels and receive additional revenue by processing ore from other nearby mine sites.
    Source : Marketwire

    About Dana Resources
    Dana Resources (Dana) is engaged in the exploration and mining for gold. On June 3, 2008, Dana completed the purchase of 19 patented and unpatented base and precious metal mining properties located in the provinces of Chumbivilcas, Recuay, Piura, Huaytara, Pallasca, and Huancabamba, Peru. On September 24, 2008, it incorporated a wholly owned Peruvian subsidiary, Dana Resources SAC.

    Work hard so that you don't have to work whole life.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.

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