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  • Hot Stocks For Today - JALSY [ Japan Airlines Corporation ] and NOK

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    28th January, 2010 

    Hot Stocks For Today - JALSY [ Japan Airlines Corporation ] , NOK

    Hello Guys,
    Today's 'Hot Stock for Today' is a Japanese stock as it is clearly obvious from its name. JALSY is Japan Airlines Corporation.

    This company is following the same route as our bug american companies during the recession. JALSY is bankrupt ( they filed bankruptcy on 19th Jan, 2010) but they still have a ray of hope to be back in the business. It is having some good news and some bad news in the past few days. The Price right now is highly attractive if we look at its 52 week high. The current price is $1.30 while the 52 week high is above $11. Japan Airlines is expecting a deal with Delta to be its american partner. The decision will be made in Feb, 2010.

    The Decision can give a huge upward momentum to the stock. Also the latest news for JALSY is highly negative which can lead it to very low on Friday as well as on monday which can be a golden opportunity for traders. This will probably bring to the bottom where there will be a tremendous buying opportunity. This type of trades are very risky and so I will request you to be very cautious and move forward with full information. Use all sources you can to find out the best news.

    Latest News
    Major shipping company Nippon Yusen K.K. said Friday it will put off indefinitely the planned April merger between its subsidiary Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. and the cargo division of ailing Japan Airlines Corp. 

    The best way will be to wait until noon to see the direction. if this stock is getting dumped heavily in Japan, same thing will be repeated here. Look for the best opportunity to enter and then hold for a 2 weeks or even less. You may see your money multiplying but is again equally risky.

    So Guys, do your research properly. I will be glad to answer any questions. Leave comments about what you think about Japan Airlines.

    We are here to make money, to succeed in life and we will achieve it by working Smart.

    God Bless,
    Be Rich.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i missed out on buying JALSY last week (1/20/2010)when it dropped to 20 cents/share. i keep hoping it would drop again, but now i find it too high at over $1. when do u think is another golden opportunity to buy this? when is the possibility it will dip low again? can u e-m me at tanricci@yahoo.com? Thanks!

  1. Wait for any further News... Its already 38 % up now. It can also get delisted soon so I won't suggest to buy and hold.
    Congratulations to all our readers

  1. Congratulations everybody once again for 63 % gains in just one day. Enjoy your weekend.

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