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  • Back after Holidays.. Is Recession Over ?

    Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddi...

    January 4th 2010 at 0030 EST

    FRE and FNM on the rise to $2

    Hey Friends,
    First of all I apologize for being away for so long. I was on Holidays and enjoyed a lot. I hope you did the same. Lets get back to work to look for the Best Hot Stocks to make Money. There is not much momentum in the market right now and seems like the market needs direction. An year back, around the same time the market was like a Gold mine. It was so volatile that you can pretty much double your money everyday if played wisely. Eventhough the period is called 'Economic recession', I enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart.

    The Financial Market is in Confusion right now over the question ' Is the Recession over?'. Well I guess its difficult to give a definite answer to the question but we can say the markets have improved. What should be our best bet at this period of time. Some Stocks like BAC are back to their pre-recession values or a little less and some Like Citibank are still sluggish and is being doubted. 

    I remember the biggest and most unbelievable collapse was for FRE and FNM. Do you think the loaning companies who give loan for more than 50% of the homes in United States can go Bankrupt/ Well they got government support but no support was given to the people who were holding their stocks at $ 65. I know it was wise to sell them at 65 as most wise must have done. The best profit trade last year by me was in FRE infact when I got in for just $.30 and sold for $ 2.05. But everybody was not so lucky.

    Enough of the old talks, lets discuss about now. I really don't think that recession is over. we still doubt many companies can go bankrupt soon. We are really not able to trust Citi at this moment and we won't hesitate to dump BAC or WFC if some bad news comes as we have seen the bad in the past. FRE and FNM are very peculiar. They swing between $ 1 and $ 2 every now and then. If you will see their Chart for the Last year, you will find them touching the $ 2 level many times and again dipping down. For the coming week, which is the First week for the year 2010, I would suggest you guys to do full research and keep an eye on these. I can predict an easy profit of around 30 % in the first month investing in FRE. 

    But as I always suggest you that you must do your stock research. Just try different websites which you trust and also some which you don't trust and try to find out what the Market holds for you. I would appreciate any comments and questions from your side. 

    Enjoy your New Year with tonnes of Profit.

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