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  • Hot Stocks to watch Today - Looks risky but profitable in Day Trade

    Hot stocks for Today
    Hey Guys,

    Even I am not satisfied with today's picks. There is no substantial news which can get them real high. We usually look for stocks with real news which can drag it high for 2- 4 days so that we can earn even if we entered bit late. The Hot stocks for Tuesday are both having good news and stable future. but I feel still something is missing for me to trust them. You have to do a very good research before entering in them. Like other pump sites, I don't want to give you confidence that it will jump this much or sky rocket. I will always use the method of introducing you with good stocks and giving information about them and forcing you to do find reasons to buy the stock.

    BHWX  Black Hawk Exploration Inc - jumped real high around 45% in Sept- Oct period and now it is at its low point. They are back with a big news which can drag their stock price to the same levels again. Although its is risky to invest in such stocks as their news are even not much reliable. But the greed for money makes you to believe it. Do your research on it and decide yourself whether it is the Hot stock for today.

    About the company
    Black Hawk Exploration Inc. is an exploration-stage resource company engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mining properties. As of December 31, 2007, the Company had no properties. In August 2007, the Company acquired a 100% interest in the Lucky Emma Uranium claims (Wyoming Claims), located in the recording district of Lander, Wyoming. In August 2008, it discontinued its pursuit of the Wyoming property.
    Source - Google Finance

    Nutra Pharma Corp.

    This is related to one of my favorite topic, FDA. they have submitted an application to FDA for approval of a drug, which in itself is a good news and can lead to burst in the stock any time in near future. 

    FDA Submission news  -Nutra Pharma Completes FDA Submission for Nyloxin OTC and Nyloxin Rx – Over-the-Counter and Prescription Treatments for Chronic Pain


    Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCBB: NPHC), a biotechnology company that is developing treatments for Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN), HIV and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), has announced today that it has successfully submitted the final packaging and labeling to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin selling Nyloxin OTC, an over-the-counter treatment for moderate to severe (Stage 2) chronic pain, and Nyloxin Rx, a prescription treatment for severe (Stage 3) chronic pain. 

    Do your research and trade stocks wisely. Get ready for the trade early morning and make your day. Buy early and sell on High. Don't just follow anybody. Do your research very well. You will find many relevant resources to research on our website to start your research. Check out news and Interesting Articles too.

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