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  • Hot stocks for Today - GNBT - Generex Biotechnology Corporation

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    Hot stocks for Today - GNBT - Generex Biotechnology Corporation

    GNBT is doing good in research work and the present news show good results of its drug for Insulin-dependent Diabetes. Biotech companies at this stage are at their intermediate level where they are showing good results but on the other hand, there is much time left for the FDA approval yet. We saw Generex stock price rose about 13.5% on Thursday on the positive results. This news and the stock price rise must give us an indication of getting in GNBT and holding till some more good news comes.

    This company has potential of doubling in no time once more positive news start coming. Look for it on friday and buy these stocks to hold them long, atleast for 2 months to get good results. You can do your research properly on this one as it is yet undervalued and we have time. It rose just 13.5 % Thursday so we have yet not missed the train. Look for more resources to find out more about Generex - GNBT.

    Study Finds Generex Oral-lyn(TM) is Safe, Effective, May Reduce Complications of Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

    Published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, an independent review of clinical trials of Generex Oral-lyn(TM) shows that the oral insulin spray has a faster onset of action and shorter duration of action than insulin delivered subcutaneously. 

    As we saw for HAWK being over publicised, it is effective. As I have always discussed earlier about the stocks that are heavily publicized, I will continue the method. My concern is to make you aware about stocks that are hyped by paid websites. HWSY opened at 0.149 on thursday and closed at 0.152. So such stocks are very risky and I hope you were not trapped in it. If you can follow it throughout the day and enter at low and sell at high, then you can go for such stocks. Traders who  entered in HAWK during market open are still not able to get a profit. So play wisely when you expect high volatility.
    Do your research and trade stocks wisely. Get ready for the trade early morning and make your day. Buy early and sell on High. Don't just follow anybody. Do your research very well. You will find many relevant resources to research on our website to start your research. Check out news and Interesting Articles too.

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