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  • Hot Stocks for Today - Biogen Raised Bid for Facet

    Hot Stocks for Today - Biogen Raised Bid for Facet

    Dear Traders,

    We discussed last week abut a very important strategy to earn tons of money by buying options ( Calls or puts) in combination with stocks (Short or long). We can do this for hundreds of stocks in which we can predict a huge change, it is either going to tank or going to fly high. I am giving you the basic understanding about the technique so yo u can apply it to variouis stocks. I am just using the example of FACT, Facet Biotech.

    We had used Facet Biotech FACT as our example and we had used some points to prove our point how the stock price going to get affected. Check out the Article here .

    Latest news on Friday - Biogen increased its bid form 14.50 to 17.50 per share of Facet Biotech.Now the best strategy will be to do full research on to the deal and spend just a tiny amount in form of options which we can afford to loose.

    Example- Put - Options for stock price of 15 are worth $0.15 as of Friday
                               Puts are like shorting in options
    meaning - if the stock price of FACT will go below $ 15 before the options expire, you will be able to sell the stock for the difference between the current price at that time and the strike price.

    If the price go to $ 10 you will get $ 5 for the 0.15 you spent. If you spend just $ 500 on puts and the stock price goes down to $10, you will convert it to $ 15000, a profit of 3000 %. Think about it. Don't make a hasty decision just learn it from more sources and make an intelligent decision. Keep visiting HotstocksEveryday.com for Hot stocks for Today and trading tips.

    Biogen Idec Inc. (NASDAQ:BIIB) today announced that it has increased its offer to purchase all of the outstanding shares of Facet Biotech Corporation (NASDAQ: FACT) to $17.50 per share in cash, representing an increase of $3.00 per share, or 21%, over its previous offer. The offer provides a premium of approximately 98% over the closing price of Facet Biotech’s common stock on September 3, 2009, the day before Biogen Idec announced its proposal to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Facet Biotech common stock. Biogen Idec’s “best-and-final” offer is described by the company in the open letter to Facet Biotech stockholders.

    Do your research and trade stocks wisely. Get ready for the trade early morning and make your day. Buy early and sell on High. Don't just follow anybody. Do your research very well. You will find many relevant resources to research on our website to start your research. Check out news and Interesting Articles too.

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