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  • Hot Stocks For Today - Bank of the Carolinas Corporation - BCAR looks like Scam

    Hot Stocks For Today - Bank of Carolinas Corporation -

    BCAR looks like Scam to me
    21st Dec 2009 at 3:45 am EST

    Hey Traders,

    I know you will be surprised when you ll see the way this stock behaved on Friday. It was 159 % up without any news.I tried to investigate on this and found that there is no official press release and no news form the company since last month and no press release even after the price rise on friday. It is either a heavy manipulation or a mistake which is making people confused even more when they see after hours proce falling 40 %.

    Just Be cautious when trying to think about this stock as there are no apparent reasons for this stock to go high.

    The Last press release by this bank was back on November 5th. Check out the press release on their website. They had profit in the last quarter results and a stable company but other than a buyout, they don't have any reason to go that high. There might be a hidden news which we may come to know on Monday but don't jump before any such news.

    So be remain away from this one and save yourself from any monetory loss.
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