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  • Hot Stock For Today - Options Media Group - OPMG

    Hot Stock For Today - Options Media Group - OPMG

    Hey friends,

    Is Options Media Group the right stock to be the Hot Stock For Thursday. Lets Find out.

    I was browsing through recent news and articles on some great news which can have some effect oh the stock price for longer time. I really want to be away from stocks who come with fake news and pumped by paid websites. I just hate them. 

    So This stock OPMG, although is pumped pretty well but we do see some good news associated with it and it seems like it was valued almost Zero before few days and now it is increasing since few days. Our Aim is to find whether it will climb for few more days or not. The answer I found i probably yes but i would like to caution you as this is a cheap penny stock so its risky. Don't invest a major portion of your portfolio. This is good for a quick day trade or holding for a week seems quite profitable but more than that seems risky for now. 

    Such companies usually are priced very low initially when they are just start-ups but once they start getting orders and expand their business, they explode like hell.

    Recent News for OPMG - Options Media Group.
    Reuters - Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. Acquires Bluetooth and SMS Technology From H2O PM, Inc.
    Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. announced it has closed the signing of an asset purchase agreement with H2O PM, Inc. Options Media Group purchased technology relating to Bluetooth advertising and mass SMS Text Messaging broadcast capabilities that allows for interactive SMS applications. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. 

    Market Wire - Options Media Group Announces Successful Restructuring of Debt Into Equity With Investors
    Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. - OPMG, a leading email service provider ("ESP"), permission based email, sms/text messaging marketing, and lead generation company, today announced the restructuring of a significant portion of the Company's debt.

    Get up early before the market opens and read some postings in Google and Yahoo message boards and ry to get some idea about the popularity of this stock by the discussions going on. This one is quite Risky so be Careful. Look for more information on such penny stocks and exploding stocks on this website. If you find that the stock is positively popular on Thursday, just jump in for a classic day trade. 

    We will discuss in detail on Friday about how to decide whether a given stock is good for long term or not and also how can you predict the target price of the stock after a year yourself.

    Keep Visiting Hot Stocks Everyday for Daily Hot stock Picks. Do explore various sources to find out the best pick for you . I will appreciate if you have any feedback. I will try to solve your problems. You can leave a comment mentioning your thoughts and your successful trades.

    Make Money,

    Be Rich.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell you can't put a date on your articles???

  1. Money online says:

    You are right even I always get confused.. I use a technique to find it out. I click on the Hot Stocks Everyday Feed in the Right Side Menu and the feed shows me all same postings but they have date and even time on them.
    I would still request Mr. knowledge to come with some changes to display the date on the postings.

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