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  • Hot Stock For Today - Congratulation traders - SNSS was Fun ride

    Dear Traders,

    I know everybody who jumped in  Sunesis anytime in pre-market Friday and even during the first hour after market opened will be happy. As we always know for a good company, the craze among the traders continue to take the stock higher and higher and Sunesis is a very good company so we did the right thing.

    There was tremendous opportunity to enter between 1.4 - 1.55 and gt a nice profit of 30- 50 % by selling it above 2.20.

    We may see a correction in SNSS during first one or two days next week but we have already earned a lot form Sunesis on Friday. People who might have missed this opportunity can still look for good data and news about SNSS and can jump for long now. After this fast run, Sunesis is still going to go high slowly to significantly higher levels. Do your research and go for it long. You may decide to wait for any correction on monday but don't miss the opportunity.

    We will be back with New Hot Stock on Monday. Till then, have nice weekend and get ready to start hunting for the best pick from Sunday night.

    We will hit the Magic Button Someday.

    Make Money,
    Be Rich.


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