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  • Hot Stock for Today - Who Doubts Citi Group.. We Don't

    How about getting in Citi group Options

    Hey Guys,

    Today we will discuss an another aspect of the market - 'Options'.
    Options as you know follows 'All or None' rule. This means if you gain you will gain according to the price. But If you loose, you will lose all your investment and you will be left with 0.00.

    We would divert the discussion towards Citigroup. I believe that Citigroup is sure to get stabilized soon. But when will the soon come is the matter of discussion. That is when come options come to play.

    Strike - $ 5  - Options Expire - Jun 2010  Price -  $ 0.32

    This means if from now till Jun 2010 if any time C price reaches $5.32 you are broke even.
      If Price reaches $5.64 - your investment doubles
                              $ 5.96 - triple your investment and so on.

    Now do you doubt C price will reach $ 6 or more till Jun 2010. if you doubt till Jun, you have an option of
    $ 5 Contracts Expiring on January 2011 available for just $0.60.

    We are just sharing an idea. Comparing If we get shares of C at $ 4 now if they reach 5.64, we will make like 40 %. But If we take options at 0.32, at the price of $5.64 we will have 100 % profit.

    Think about it, don't jump in too early. Do your Research. Consult your broker and make a wise long term investment.

    Make Money,

    Be Rich


  1. Jay says:

    i cannot understand what u r talking about? what is 5$ contract?

  1. Its called Options Trading. Big players prefer this method. We will discuss this in detail in the next posting on Sunday.

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