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  • Hot Stock for Today - Tips and Methods

    Stock Trading Tips

    Hey Guys,

    Everybody of us want to earn money by trading stocks as we know this is probably the fastest way to earn a lot of money and we dream of earning so much which might be enough for our Life Time.

    But Its not that easy to do that. Its not always straightforward to find the so called ' Hot Stock for Today' or 'Today's Exploding Stock' . What we can do is to use the resources we have and try to find out the best stock for that day. Lets look at a way to find out the 'Hot stock'. You always need a list of stocks that people are talking about for the next day. Such stocks list you can get by signing up for as many as email alerts from different websites such as this one. As I have told before, go for all the penny stock websites you come across. Many of them may be just useless but then you will definitely find some good ones in between the pump and dump ones. 

    Do some preliminary search on all the stocks you come across to strike out the obvious ones. The websites which are taking money to publicize some stocks are not difficult to identify. Use your own common sense to detect such websites. Visit them, I would say even sign up for emails. You can use separate email id for such sign ups and read all  such emails before deciding your stock pick for the next day. Make a List of stocks. Both from the pumping websites and from the Legitimate Stock discussion websites. Then do your research on the final list to find out recent news, and previous trends with such companies and similar news. The Website you got the stock pick from might have some relevant links.

    You must also find out the credibility of the news agency as some of the news websites may not be reliable. Its always good to share what you have found out. So share your research findings as a comment here and we will then discuss it further. You are welcomed to reply to someone's comments and share your thoughts. Its a mutual benefit when people share their thoughts with each other.

    You are definitely not forced to follow all the stock picks I post or any other website posts. All the stock picks won't be blockbuster but most of them will be either super profit, or will be flat. If we can get good profit in just 30-40% of our picks, we will actually be enjoying lots of profits. Rest of them will be flat. I can assure of not getting you in deep red if you sell the stock on same day or as suggested.  Either a good profit or flat or slight loss is what our aim is. As the Final Destination is to become Rich.

    We will surely make money.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.



  1. Banerjee,A says:

    BIOF - A sure shot success, get in between 1.40 to 1.50 and then ride to $3.00 in one month

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