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  • Hot Stock For Today - RTK - Rentech, Inc.

    Hot Stock For Today - RTK - Rentech, Inc.- Got Project in Australia

    Dear Traders,

    Today we had a good day with our picks. QADI went up a tremendous up over 40 % after opening. Congratulations to those who did a great day trade today.  Even if you were able to enter after the market opened, you were still able to get around 15- 20 % profit. Just Don't forget that once you get a decent profit, you have to sell and move ahead.

    RTK - Rentech has got a new project in Australia in partnership with Syngas. Its already high on the popularity list and it looks like difficult to get this guy at its low but there are chances of a little slow start and may be little bit of profit selling on this early morning Friday. We will be already to get in early to get our profits till the end of the day. Its already up on wednesday and chances are there to go more up from there.

    Syngas teams up with Rentech

    SYNGAS has teamed up with global technology providers Rentech and General Electric to progress South Australia's $3 billion coal-biomass-to-diesel Clinton project.

    This week, US fuel company Rentech came on board to provide preliminary engineering services at the proposed site, located approximately 120 km northwest of Adelaide.Rentech, which is also helping Beach Petroleum advance its unconventional gas reserves in the Cooper Basin, will provide its Fischer-Tropsch fuels production technology for the project in the first quarter of 2010.

    About Rentech
    Rentech, Inc. develops technologies and projects that transforms under-utilized energy resources into an alternative fuel and chemicals. The Rentech Process, based on Fischer-Tropsch (FT) chemistry, is a technology that converts synthesis gas (syngas), which can be manufactured from a variety of waste, biomass and fossil resources, into hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can be processed and upgraded into ultra-clean synthetic fuels, such as military and commercial jet fuels and ultra low sulphur diesel, as well as specialty waxes and chemicals. The Company also owns an operating natural gas-based nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing plant in Illinois. In July 2009, the Company completed the acquisition of SilvaGas Corporation and its commercial-scale biomass gasification technology.

    Do your research and trade stocks wisely. Get ready for the trade early morning and make your day. Buy early and sell on High. Don't just follow anybody. Do your research very well. You will find many relevant resources to research on our website to start your research. Check out news and Interesting Articles too.

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    Syngas teams up with Rentech 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is BS rtk went up 22% already on wed, if anything momentum guys are going to selloff very early in the morning

  1. Roadie says:

    Although RTK went up 22 % wednesday.
    The discussion going on is for the trading day Friday. So Mr. Anonymous, you must probably improve your english to understand the topic.

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