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  • Hot Stock For Today - Facet Biotech Corp. - FACT

    Biogen Idec, Inc.
    Hot Stock For Today 
    Facet Biotech Corp. - FACT

    Good morning Traders,

    I hope you were not much worried after the Dubai News. Its even good now as the UAE's central bank helped soothe investor fears, at least for now, by pledging Sunday to make extra funding available to all banks in the country, including foreign institutions with local branches.

    So ideally we must see a green day tomorrow and hopefully financial stocks will be on rise tomorrow. So for those who have some of the contracts options in citigroup must be relieved. Hold onto them and you will see great return for our investment.

    Today we will see a nice trade method to trade options when there is high speculation of either heany bounce or heavy downturn of a stock price.


    If you have some strong reason to believe that the company's stock price will gain or lose heavily, go for the option plus stocks strategy.


    Facet Biotech (FACT)

    Reason - Biogen Idec is trying to buy out the remaining shares of Facet Biotech so its stock price jumped from around 8 to 16 a few months back but Facet refused the offer and biogen has given some timeline to them to think.

    Green - Reasons

    1) Biogen may increase its bid
    2) Either of their drug Daclizumab or  Volociximab (M200) for the treatment of solid tumors comes       to market. 
    3) Price will also increase time by time when they keep posting just good results during trials.

    Red Reasons

    1) If Biogen takes back the offer.
    2) If Drug results not favourable.

    After detailed study from various Hot pick websites, Research resources and news websites we can say there are more chances of green in this case. Looking at their current stock price, a 50 - 90 % increase is possible in around an year.

    Once we decided more chances of green- Go for Call Options and Short the stocks for at samwe time. Lets say we will invest 25 % in call options and 75 % in shorting the stocks.


    If we see a Huge price gain lets say 100 % , we will earn around 300-3000 % in call options depending on the stock we chose and we ll loose  50 % of investment in stock shorting. Overall we ll be huge plus even after the loss of shorting. 

    In case the share price fell a lot, lets say 50 % i.e around $ 8 in case of FACT pre- biogen offer price, we will loose very little amount in call options as we have invested only 25 % inthem and we will gain huge from shorting the stocks. 

    By using this strategy, we will assure ourselves a trade which will result in huge gains or a nominal loss which is the key to success in this stock market. The most important things to keep in mind are to select stocks which are highly speculative in the next 4- 12 months. Chances of going double or reducing to half. Your job will be do to proper research and find out the which probability is more.

    If more chances of Green -  Buy Call  Options and  Short the Shares.
    If more chances of red     -  Buy Put   Options and  Long  the Shares.
    Do your research and trade stocks wisely. Do your research on maximum sources. You will find many relevant resources to research on our website to start your research. Check out news and Interesting Articles too.

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    2) Asia stocks rebound after UAE pledges bank support

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