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    Hey Guys

    It seems like this guy CAVU has been publicized a lot in various websites as you can see on the various links on our website under useful resources. See the type of publicity they are using.

    I know you might be thinking that if this stock is being publicized by the paid bashers then why I am posting an article for it. The Reason is a chance to earn money. It seems like this guy can be a pump and dump but It would be great if we can take benefit of this pump and dump. 

    CAVR – CAVU Resources has touched a high of $ 1.20 in july and was at a closing price of 0.95. It is highly speculative and seems like it is having a lots of ups and downs for not much specific reasons. We can have our share of profits by Entering tomorrow at a reasonable price and taking advantage of the pump and selling it when you see the dump starts.

    CAVR is out with a news today. The Announcement is as follows - 'CAVU Resources, Inc. - CAVR is pleased to announce that it's wholly owned subsidiary CAVU Resources One, LLC, formed as a drilling and lease Acquisition Company has received the first initial $50,000 investment on its $5 Million Dollar Private Placement. The Limited partnership, CAVU Resources One, LLC has targeted both new wells and leases in proven areas'. I would like you guys to do a little bit of research today and would like you to find the news on various websites you come across about CAVU. Look for all the information you can obtain for CAVU and all the news related to Wednesday's announcement.

    We are here to make money and we will succeed. See the worker in the photo working so hard. We have to do much less work. wake up and start working for your own profit.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.

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  1. Julong says:

    Its interesting articles.I like its.

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