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  • Benefits of Options Trading

    Hey Guys,

    Lets See Some benefits of Options Trading Vs. Stock Purchase

    Options Trading Grants Unprecedented LEVERAGE

    With Options trading, you  actually can  potentially make over 10 times more money on the same move in the particular stock than if you bought the stock itself. The leverage power of options trading is perhaps the main reason why traders with small funds choose options trading. Even though options trading was initially designed for hedging purpose instead of a leverage tool, options trading is still a great way to profit while risking only very little money.

    Options Trading Grants Unprecedented PROTECTION!

    Options trading not only grants you leverage, but it also grants you PROTECTION! When a stock moves AGAINST you, an options trader could potentially lose much lesser than the stock trader. Why? Because your maximum loss is limited to the price you paid for the option which could be just 10% of the price of the stock, or lesser

    Options Trading Grants Unprecedented FLEXIBILITY

    Options Trading allows you to profit from every possible move in the underlying asset! Up or Down or Stagnant, there is an option strategy that allows you to profit from that move. In Options trading, an options trader can easily participate in a downwards move on a stock through buying a put option without having to risk margin calls by going short the underlying stock or futures.

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    Make Money,

    Be Rich.



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