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  • RPRX - Good news and all the way to the top

    Repros Therapeutics Inc. - NASDAQ:RPRX -  A very good investment below $2.

    Hey Guys,

    RPRX came with very good results of its drug 'Androxal'. The positive data for the drug will take it to the next level of trials and submission to FDA for approval. This is a golden stock right now and today is a good chance to enter at low after the profit taking sell off. It went as high as $ 2.48 today and is now at 1.8. somewhere around 1.6 will be possible today. Find out a decent price and enter. Money is coming your side. Make way for it.

    Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NasdaqGM:RPRX) today announced results from an exploratory, efficacy and safety study of its oral investigational product, enclomiphene citrate (Androxal®), in men with secondary hypogonadism who were receiving testosterone replacement treatment. Secondary hypogonadism is a deficiency state in which the male hormone testosterone goes below the normal range, even in aging men, due to inadequate stimulation of the testes by the pituitary. The study was designed to compare Androxal to Testim®1% (Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc, Malvern, PA), an approved topical testosterone gel, indicated for testosterone replacement therapy in adult males for conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone.
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    This is a very good Investment below $ 2.00 and its going to go higher after some more news. But remember that you won't find much heavy profit as a day trade tomorrow as the profit taking may get it down a lottle bit. Enter for long in this one till the next announcement and profit is yours.

    Also its now time for SQNM to rise. Its the time now when we can get our profits. Remember we had adviced to get in SQNM when it dipped last week. It will be in green for few days now.

    We are here to make money and with proper research we will succeed.

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