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  • Mobile Star Corp. nearing Launch of its Product

    MBST has bright Future.......

    Hey Guys,

    MBST has announce that it is in the Final stages of prototype development and it is near the launch of its product which is coin operated karaoke vending machines.

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    Mobile Star Corp. Completing Final Stages of Prototype Development

    EVEN YEHUDA, Israel, October 1 - Mobile Star Corp. (OTCBB: MBST), a developer of coin-operated karaoke vending machines, announced today that the company is concluding the final stages of prototype development.
    The company plans to announce a pilot demonstration of the prototype to take place in New York City in the fourth quarter of 2009.
    "Completion of our personal karaoke prototype is one of the final milestones to achieve before the commercial launch of our product," said Danny Elbaz, CEO of Mobile Star Corp. "We look forward to displaying our finished prototype in the coming weeks."
    The company intends to market and distribute the coin-operated vending machines to popular recreation areas including restaurants, shopping malls, bars and theme parks. Mobile Star plans to begin marketing the technology to consumers in 2010.

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  1. Jay says:

    hey "knowledge is everything". why since two days your tips are doing worser and worser than expected? thank god i am not trapped into it right now. but do you think MSBT AND PBCR WILL GIVE GOOD RETURNS if i go for it now?

  1. We want huge profit so we are behind stocks which can sky rocket. May be some picks don't work but it ll be one of them which will be the magic button for us. Don't loose hopes and keep doing good research on the stocks. I won't suggest to hold such penny stocks for long so if one pick doesn't work go for other one. Keep watching Hot stocks Everyday and keep commenting your thoughts, successes and failures.
    Good Luck

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