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  • FRE - Freddie Mac - Stock Discussion

    FRE and FNM - Reasons for Free Fall  on Monday

    Hello Investors,

    Time to make money Guys. Today we saw around 20% drop in FNM and FRE. These stocks have seen a lot of ups and downs more than any other stock in this recession. Once at $ 65 , these stocks came down to $ 6 - $ 10 levels and finally declared bankruptcy to go to few cents price range.

    After that they have spiked a number of times to touch $ 2 levels giving people around 100 - 300 % profit.

    I had predicted earlier in that post to enter FRE at around 0.80 and also predicted that it will rise to $ 2.6 in near future.

    We would again keep a close eye on these both stocks.
    FRE and FNM are in 1.2- 1.4 range right now and I would consider it best to enter if it goes below $ 1.

    These stocks can be again a blockbuster.
    Don't miss a chance to get in these ones when it goes to around 0.85.

    Some News to do research on FRE and FNM.
    Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Price Targets Cut To Zero-AP

    Freddie Mac Purchases 13 Loans From Deutsche Bank Berkshire Mortgage 

    Research Your Stocks on atleast 6 website before you invest.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


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