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  • Vonage Holdings - VG is soaring

    Vonage is keeping the uptrend alive.........

    Hey Guys,

    This stock has been in limelight from quite a long time now. It touched high of 2.63 in last week. It has got some very good news today after the closing and it has rised   a lot in After Hours. The last Trade in after hours was 2.08. There is very good chance of this stock to sky rocket tomorrow but at the same time there is high risk of opening high and tumbling down then. Such thing happened with PACR too.

    VG- Vonage Holdings is a very nice stock for Wednesday and I would definitely count it as one of the hottest stock for Wednesday. 

    Vonage Obtains Application Approval for iTunes App Store

    Vonage saw shares surge on growing consensus that the company would survive the recession. One of the first firms to offer Internet-based calling services, Vonage has been challenged with high costs and competition from telephone and cable operators have increasing begun offering bundled services of video, Internet and phone services.

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    and then only jump in any stock. We all want to make money here and we all will share our picks here but every stock is not going to give us profit. We have to be dedicated to work smart to get profit in this stock market.  Our aim must be to earn enough in 3-5 years for the rest of our Life.

    Vonage Holdings Corp. (Vonage) is a provider of broadband telephone services to residential and small office and home office customers with over 2.6 million subscriber lines as of December 31, 2008. The Company’s transmits calls using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), technology, which converts voice, signals into digital data packets for transmission over the Internet. Vonage provides service by using its customers’ existing broadband Internet connections, eliminating the need for it to build or lease networks. In addition, Vonage's network is based on internally developed software and industry standard servers, rather than circuit switches used by traditional telephone service providers. Vonage's plug-and-play Vonage-enabled devices permit customers to take their equipment to different locations where broadband service is available, as well as switch to different Internet service providers and continue to make and receive calls on their Vonage phone numbers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Concerning VG
    Knowledge is everything on Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:28:00 PM said...

    I don't see a strong reason to hold it now. May be you are in green or not, but move ahead as there are stocks in the market which can give you more benefit than holding this one.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thats right . He is always concerned with day trades. When he adviced to sell VG, the price was 2.10 and it dropped to 1.4. I was lucky that I sold by his advice. Now when again there is some reason for this stock to rise, he has posted it again. Thanks dude.

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