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    Hey Guys,

    We will today discuss some tips and trades to get some idea about day trading.  I got some emails from my followers abut their trades and I picked a few to share them with you guys.


    A simple trade to get 50% profit in just one day even just in few hours. NUBL was getting great hype on Wednesday. Whenever you see a stock which is hyped a lot, there is good chance to get profit even if there is no real news as people will start buying it in anticipation of some great news release. Most such things happen in penny stocks.

    Our reader did the following trade on wednesday in NUBL.

    " I noticed a lot of publicity for this stock on wednesday morning and was keeping an eye on this stock since morning. I was not getting a news which I can trust on and invest in the stock. I saw this stock climbing upto 0.065 in no time (200% up) . I thought i missed the chance to get in. The next moment it started to come down again and I saw it going down to 0.038. I thought to enter a point but was still risky. Again the stock began to rise and I finally got in at 0.05/share for 20000 shares. I knew this is a much publicized stock and can go down any moment and I kept eye on the stock constantly and in the front of my eyes, it rose up and up and up. I sold it for 0.075 i.e pure 50% profit. I earned like 500 dollars in just 1 and a half hour. "

    The best thing we can learn from this trade is that when we are investing in any penny stocks which are highly risky, it is necessary to be constantly watching the stock and also make sure that we are doing it as a Day trade and specially few hours trade. It may be highly dangerous to hold such stocks as in case of NUBL , it went down 28 % today so the reader might have lost money if he had holded overnight. If you have some solid news about the company and are sure that the price is not going to fall then it is fine to hold.

    Do share your trades so everybody can learn from them.  Sign up for email alerts from the to of this page. comment on the content and share your thoughts.

    Good Luck for Friday , look for hot stocks and most popular and publicised stocks for friday and look for those which are on rise in early morning. If you feel you can jump in and enjoy the momentum, go for it but sell it when you get good profit.

    We are here to make money and we will Succeed.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Banerjee,A says:

    Folks, get in MESA asap, the bowl pattern and expected news make this stock to hit 0.40+ mark by next week.

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    I am planning to get out from NBIX and jump into BNCN.
    Insiders are making position on this one, they must know something positive going to happen.
    It is just a guesswork.

  1. John says:

    StockPreacher Newsletter came out and i think the stock it is going to promote is GWSC.

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