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  • Hot Stocks Today - Sequenom - SQNM ready to sink

    SQNM mishandles test results..  but stock can be played for Profit

    Hey Guys,

    We are back with Hot stocks Everyday.  Today's Hot stock is SQNM. Have a look at its stock price profile on google. Its 52 week high was $ 29.14/share. It is now at $ 5.69 and went to a low of $2.70 in the after hours and finally after hours closing is $ 3.15.

    Sequenom fires CEO and others after investigation

    Dow Jones reported that Sequenom, Inc. fired Chief Executive Harry Stylli and four others after an independent panel of Directors found the Company failed to adequately police its studies of a noninvasive prenatal Down Syndrome test. The investigation concluded that the Company failed to put adequate protocols, controls and supervision in place as it attempted to transition from researching molecular diagnostic tests to developing and commercializing those tests. Whole news can be read Here.

    This stock can be a very good one for day trades. We have to keep a keen eye on this stock and have to enter at the lowest to earn a profit when it recovers even a little bit. The company has Huge business and is going to stay in the market and is sure to recover. It is also a very good long term investment. It is very natural for the stock price to touch $10/share till year end. Your investment can get doubled in no time.

     So do full research on SQNM. Look for all possible websites which can give you information about this stock and come to a conclusion which is in benefit of your portfolio. Again a very good stock for day trade as well as for those who want to stay for long.

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    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Banerjee,A says:

    What would be exit point on this?

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    I am going to share my latest pick, it is going to be mid term trading, you will gain 30-40% gain in few weeks and then 100% gain in few months.
    pick is HYTM at 0.665

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    NBIX @ 3.04 will be also good pick for a quick profit on last week of October

  1. bill clinton says:

    Holding long on SQNM ..
    Its going to be a blockbuster soon.........

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    SQNM is in trouble, but yes in long run it should be okay to get in

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    Tomorrow if SQNM open in low then get in

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good one Banerjee..........

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    I hope you guys enter at lowest price and then make good out of it.

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