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  • Placer Gold Corp. PGCR - Thursday's hot pick

    PGCR is Rocking High.........

    Hey Guys,

    800 % up is the reality of this stock for Wednesday. Although we have missed this train, we don't want to miss another one tomorrow. This stock was going up and up so much constantly the whole day because it has real news and the stock is not just pump and dump.

    Placer Gold Corp. Clean Energy Projects Acquisition

    LAS VEGAS, NV-Placer Gold Corp. (PINKSHEETS: PGCR) (the "Company") has secured a new multi-billion dollar renewable energy business opportunity.
    The company has acquired a 20% interest in two large proposed coastal wind power projects in the Eastern Seaboard of the US from Zero Carbon Wind Energy Corp. Consideration was the issuance of 80 million restricted shares and payment of a 50% share of preliminary expenses.
    The Virginia and North Carolina Coastal Clean Power projects are each for 20,000MW output, making them the largest proposed wind power projects in the US.
    The annual wind force in the lease application areas is higher than existing wind onshore farms, creating double the annual electricity output and significantly higher profitability.

    Whole News can be Read Here

    Extended hours trading is not available for this stock so we will be able to enter as soon as the market opens. usually its tough to buy these kind of shares which are in high demand  as people are not willing to sell early. Try to get in as early as possible and get a nice profit on the same day or you can hold for more but a profit taking will be seen for sure so don't stay for long initially. Day trading will be the best step for tomorrow and if you plan to enter for long, you can do buy it again after few days at low.

    So do your research. Go for all the websites and find out about this stock.

    We are here to make money and we will succeed.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.



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