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  • NCI has declared good results

    NCI Buildings rising from losses...
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    NCI building is gaining momentum. It has declared very good results for the Third Quarter of 2009. This stock was at $40 in 52 week chart. It has been affected a lot by this economic recession but once the signs of recovery are seen, it is going to rock. As with this positive news, it has already rised good in After Hours. It is a very good stock to invest and hold for long and you can easily double your money and even more than that in few months. The company is reliable and the fears of bankruptcy seems to fade away now. Go for it guys but do your full research for it. This may be your Magic button. Do proper research Guys. All the Best.

    NCI Building Systems Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2009 Earnings

    "We succeeded in returning to profitability in the third quarter despite continued difficult market conditions, marked by a significant year-over-year decline in nonresidential construction activity in our commercial and industrial sectors," noted Norman C. Chambers, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "Cost reduction programs that have been implemented over the past 10 months resulted in sequential declines in the non-material component of cost of goods sold and SG&A of 17% and 9.2%, respectively. Year-over-year, these expenses were down 49.7% and 31.9%, respectively. Lower costs combined with pricing discipline enabled us to report much improved operating results on a sequential basis."

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     About NCS 

    NCI Building Systems, Inc. is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of metal coil coating services, metal building components and engineered metal building systems. The Company serves the low-rise, non-residential construction market. Its range of products is used in repair, retrofit and new construction activities, primarily in North America. The Company operates in three segments: metal coil coating, metal components and engineered building systems. The metal coil coating segment, which paints steel coils, provides the Company’s entire metal coil coating requirements for its metal components and engineered building systems business segments. Its metal components segment produces parts and accessories that are sold separately or as part of a solution, the most common of which is a metal building system custom-designed and manufactured in its engineered building systems segment.  

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  1. Its market cap is 600million... it could climb but not as fast as a company with a smaller market cap. Its gotta break $13.25

    Check out IVAN which brokeout technically overnight and VVUS if it breaks 12.50

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