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  • Market is Risky right now.......

    Time to make strategy.........

    Hey Guys,

    The Market seems highly risky for the coming 4-5 days. Since last year we are seeing strange things inthe market. There comes a huge wave for the Financial stocks to rise like mad and suddenly when people start investing more in them, downfall starts. What happened on Tuesday was to happen as profit taking is part of the game.  Financials are agian going down and this is the time to wait and enter at the right point.

    One thing is for sure that the Financial srocks will be back to their high levels but they will reach there after passing through lots of ups and downs.  Keep an eye on them for few days and jump in . profit is for sure once the upturn starts. 

    Always keep half the money in your portfolio as cash and half stocks. If you have all invested in stocks, you will lose a lot when prices fall. But if you have some cash, you can use it to average down or to get in some attractive penny stocks for a day or two.

    It seems like one more day in deep red for Wednesday. Do the best of research  and invest in Financial stocks at their low levels.

    We are here to make money and we will make money for sure......

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Banerjee,A says:

    What's your take on FAZ at this point?

  1. Anonymous says:

    which financial stocks are the best choices?
    Is FRE and FNM good choices how about ABK?

  1. I never recommend FAS or FAZ. Highly risky. Only go for day trades in those. Don't hold them much.
    FRE and FNM are good but wait they will come down more. same for ABK.

  1. Anonymous says:

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    those guys are money

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