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  • ISTA got FDA Approval

    FDA Approval for ISTA. Time to jump in.......

    Hey Guys,

    We have got a great news today for ISTA Pharmaceuticals. FDA Approval for its Bepreve for the Treatment of Ocular Itching. This is a major breakthrough in the company's progress and the company has also raised its Fiscal 2009 Revenue Guidance.This has a great potential to make money in a day. 

    It is advised to enter premarket at a reasonable price. If the price in premarket has already rised much more than 30 %, then you can consider waiting for market open and getting in at the first dip. But do your research as your decision can make you rich but no good things come without risk. Do your proper research and move ahead. Read the Research tips here.

    ISTA Pharmaceuticals's Bepreve Receives FDA Approval for Treatment of Ocular Itching Due to Allergies.
    ISTA Pharmaceuticals Raises FY 2009 Revenue Guidance; Reaffirms FY 2009 Earnings Guidance
    More News from Reuters
    About ISTA Pharmaceuticals

    ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company with products and product candidates for the treatment of inflammation, ocular pain, glaucoma, allergy and dry eye. The Company has three products available for sale in the United States: Xibrom, (bromfenac ophthalmic solution) for the treatment of inflammation and pain following cataract surgery, Istalol, (timolol maleate ophthalmic solution) for the treatment of glaucoma, and Vitrase (hyaluronidase for injection) for use as a spreading agent. The Company also has several product candidates in various stages of development. These include a strong steroid product candidate to treat ocular inflammation, iganidipine to enhance ocular nerve blood flow and a new formulation of latanoprost for the treatment of glaucoma.  More from Reuters

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