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  • Do this for Monday

    How to Find the best pick .....

    Hey Guys, 

    I am reposting one of my old posts just to make you do some research to select the hot pick for Monday.

    I am getting lots of emails and comments saying Thank you and asking about the way to take the best decision in selecting the stock. I can definitely share with you the way I find out the Hot stock. You always need a list of stocks that are in limelight for the next day. That you can get by signing up for as many as email alerts from different websites such as this one. As I have told before, go for all the penny stock websites you come across. I know many of them are just useless but then you will find some good ones in between the junk ones. Do some preliminary search on all the stocks you come across to strike out the obvious ones. Then do your research on the final list to find out recent news, and previous trends with such companies and similar news.

    You must also find out the credibility of the news agency as some of the websites may not be reliable. Its always good to share what you have found out. So share your find as a comment here and we will then discuss it further. You are welcomed to reply to someone's comments and share your thoughts. Anonymous comments are fine but commenting with your name will help make your impression as a reliable reader, especially when you suggest some stocks.

    You are definitely not asked to follow all the stock picks I post or any other website posts. All the stock picks won't be blockbuster but most of them will be either super profit, or will be flat. If we can get good profit in just 30-40% of our picks, we will actually be enjoying lots of profits. Rest of them will be flat. I can assure of not getting you in deep red if you sell the stock on same day. Either a good profit or flat or slight loss.

    Check out the earlier Stock Tips to get more Idea.

    We will surely make money.

    God Bless,

    Be Rich.


  1. Banerjee,A says:

    DSCO - I guess we will see a good move on this one.29th Sept FDA result is coming out.

  1. Seems nice.

    must be a good game on monday.............

  1. Jay says:

    thats good one. can you tell me how do you get these schedule of FDA results? i know one site www.biomedreports.com but they charge for getting it. can you help me out for this?

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    Are you paid member of this site for FDA calender?
    I just happen to get this news in some news website.

  1. Jay says:

    no... i am not. do you have any free website of that kind?

  1. Banerjee,A says:

    No, Sorry.
    Today look at LXRX

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